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Hello, hunter!

Airdrop Fusi n - the premier bot for automated airdrop farming

We have already helped many to earn millions on $ARB airdrop now we are going

public, offering all our users the opportunity to receive airdrops from numerous projects across hundreds and thousands of wallets, all with minimum time and effort

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100 diamond tier wallets

Farming now


100 diamond tier wallets

Farming now


100 diamond tier wallets

Farming now


100 diamond tier wallets

Coming soon


100 diamond tier wallets



$fusion token

total supply: 1,000,000

5% buy/sell tax

1% lp, 2% development, 2% team

team wallets share

token holders receive 30% of 3000 layerzero
and 2000 zksync team wallets

staking option for 50% revenue share

discounts & others

Discounts on wallets based on token stash

Free access to the following software

refer users and earn 5% of all fees collected

Personalized adjustable routes
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40% liquidity

small black circle

40% airdrop for early users

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10% marketing

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5% cex listings

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5% team (6 months lock)

how it works

go to tg bot


click on ‘start’

choose project


select wallet tier

choose wallets num


transfer usdt bep-20

receive confirmation


get your private keys

read thread for details


u ask, we answer

➮do we have successful cases of bot-managed airdrops?

Yes, before this, we also developed a bot for arbitrum, through which private buyers have received $ARB airdrop on over 4000 wallets

➮How do we map our route, and what factors guide us?

While constructing the airdrop route, we rely on several key factors:

✧ Criteria for receiving past airdrops
✧ What brings the project profit and what it would logically give away as revenue
✧ On-chain data

➮Why does it pay off to use our bot?

✧ It saves a lot of time

✧ You can easily create many wallets transactions of which do not overlap and carried out from different IPs

✧ By setting gas limits, we save a lot on fees, which means that without bot, u'd spend the same amount

➮Why wouldn't you be detected as a Sybil?

✧ Transactions are conducted from each wallet with randomized time intervals

✧ The quantity of native tokens consistently differs by a small margin

✧ We don't use platforms that are not officially a part of ecosystem

✧ Withdraws and deposits are executed using distinct wallets, preventing any overlap between them

✧ Our route regularly undergoes slight changes

✧ We employ separate proxies for each wallet, resulting in distinct IP addresses at all the times

➮Why should you trust us?

✧ We never ask for any upfront deposit or fees; we cover all costs with our own funds. This means there is nothing for us to steal from you

✧ Private keys are encrypted and visible only for you

✧ We have significant backing from opinion leaders



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